Realism Not So Real?

It’s Cass here, logged on, and ready to roll.

Let’s talk about passion. We all have a passion for something, whether you know it or not. Maybe you haven’t found yours yet, and that’s fine. Maybe you’ve known it since you were 10, and that’s great. Or maybe, just maybe, you don’t even know how to find your passion. That’s were I come in.

Look, i’ve been where you are plenty of times. We are stuck in a world full of passionless people, going day by day trying to be “realistic.” Since we were young, we’ve all had some sort of dream. Whether you wanted to be a singer, a dancer, or even a bagger at the grocery store. That was your dream, and you believed it would come true.

As time went on, as it does, people told you to become realistic. Yet deep down, you still had that dream. Bubbling down in the core of who you truly are, you still had that tinge of hope. Hope that you could live to the expectation you set for yourself. And there we have it, there’s that passion. Yet, the passion isn’t there at all.

For, even though, you still love that dream. Day by day you force that dream back down inside of you, and live the all American “Realistic” dream. You go to a school, but you don’t really learn. You pass tests, but you barely get by. You go to work, just to try and survive. You say you still don’t know, what you want to be, but deep down inside, its eating you. It’s consuming you, the thought that you won’t be what you always dreamed of being.

Yet, why can’t you? Why can’t you be that singer or dancer? Why can’t you go to the job you actually enjoy, or go to a school that actually teaches you? We are being eaten by a society of realism, that’s not real at all. We are being taught that doctors and lawyers are the only important people in our society, and that our dreams, our passions, aren’t worthy of this world.

Our uniqueness, is shoved farther and farther away. Our world is becoming a paper thin sheet of sameness.

Our passions, will finally escape, when we learn to break free of the worlds clutches and be ourselves. Our passions, will consume ourselves, when we can finally shatter the idea of an All American “realistic” dream.

We will finally be who we are meant to be, when we can stop pressing the copy and paste button, on our lives. Accepting who we really are, and demanding to live the dreams that are built and bubbling inside of us.

Because, when we let those dreams free? Its only matter of time, before the world starts to see, all that we were meant to be. The world will be a much prettier place, with all our passions set free, into a world full of the right beliefs.

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Stacks to Piles to Mountains to Libraries.

Ave speaking! 

Perusing the mountains of books that have been added to my room over time, I’ve noticed a theme. A unique pattern among hundreds of books.

The main characters!

How have I not noticed this amazing yet somehow freakish coincidence? I must be oblivious to what words I am putting into my head as I read these but never truly compare it to other books.

Strong, so strong. The main characters are brave, strong, hopeful, and curious, all of the things we aspire to be. This had me thinking for quite a while. I have lived and dreamed of being in someone else’s shoes repeatedly. These lives mean so much to me. I have lived in Manhattan as a 18 year old boy, I have lived as an alien in hiding, I have lived as a Jewish girl during the holocaust, I have lived as a girl with cancer. I have experienced death, life, rejection, failure, happiness, love, and so much more.

These books have taught life lessons that I will carry with me for life. These strong courageous characters are molding me into something greater, something braver than what I once was. Without these stories of fiction and non-fiction I wouldn’t be who I am today. I would be weak, scared and have no hope for the future. The books make me think of the world in a greater point of view. Something of wonders and mystery that is held within its core, awaiting discovery.

Bright curious eyes search the world in order to find the mystery but we find books which (in secret) is the mystery. Books contain so much information, so many feelings of other people fluttering about waiting for a host to read and understand. These worlds that the books contain are built on imagery and perfection. The author’s desire is to make someone imagine scenarios in their head of how it is supposed to be. People helping people, not people running from their responsibility.

If everyone would take the time, sit down, and read a book. Maybe just maybe the world would be a better place. Maybe we would have great imaginations growing up and inventing new things, maybe we would have heroes among the ordinary people, maybe we would have greater life stories. Maybe we could live life with no regret. Because we did dream.

We are those strong characters. Together we can be the greatest story. 


Cass is here again.

I want to dish out another rant for you all today, because, well, who doesn’t love rants?

I’ve noticed recently that people talk about change, alot. Places changing, music changing, and even people changing. Now, if you’re anything like me, you have some super mixed feelings about change. I mean, things are great the way they are, right? Well, not always.

Imagine if our world never changed. We would basically still be cavemen, and well, this page wouldn’t even exist. But hey, we would complain if that hadn’t changed…Right? Oh wait, I’m wrong? Well, ask yourself this, how is that much different from today’s world?

We spend our days analyzing, criticizing, and super sizing our world. Judging, harming, and hurting. We scrutinize others choices, and belittle others for their actions. We complain day after day about people changing, and reinventing themselves..Then are hurt, when people do the same thing to us.

Think about this, everyone changes with time. If our personalities and figures stayed the same, you would still be that scared little girl hiding behind your mom in the grocery. You might still be that little boy terrified of making friends. You might very well have never met the people you are closest to now, or never read that book that changed your life. You never would have went to camp, found inspiration, became a child prodigy, or visited Washington D.C.

You never would have had the experiences you have had now, and you wouldn’t be the person you are today. Because with time, comes change. As scary as change can be sometimes, its what us humans feed off of. Had you never taken the leap to move, go to college, get a job, or reinvent your style? You wouldn’t be who you are. Experiences make us who we are, experiences are changes, and changes make us human.

So, the next time you are about to criticize your friends new hair, your dads new shoes, or your new neighbors, think about how those experiences are going to influence those people. How your friends new hair might have finally boosted her too low self-esteem, which you just crushed. How your dad’s new shoes make him feel less old, and you just made him feel like the lame dad trying to hard. And how your new neighbors are trying so hard to fit in, rather than stand out.

Experiences make us, changes face us, and life takes us. I’ll leave you with a quote to think on.

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Accepting the Unacceptable

Cass here.

There’s a very famous quote that says;

We accept the love, we think we deserve

Now, this quote was written by a very wise man, by the name of Stephen Chbosky. If any of you guys out there are book nerds, which I’m sure you are if you follow our blog, you know that Chbosky wrote The Perks Of Being  A Wallflower. If you haven’t read it, read it. It’ll seriously change your life.

Now, the point of this post isn’t about this book, believe it or not. Rather, its about that quote. Day by day we move through life like robots. Wake up, school or work, get home, eat, tv/homework/reading, and then bed. It seems, that, day by day, we forget about a little thing called…Love.

I’m not going to sit here and type away about sappy romances, protagnists saving the girl of their dreams, and cheesy pick up lines (Although, cheesy pickup lines are great. “Is your Dad a robber? Cause he stole the stars and moon and put them in your eyes” 😉 . Rather, I’m going to tell you how Chbosky’s quote can be taken in a literal way. About, how, we as humans do exactly as Chbosky says, in the quote above.

Its eight words, so how, could it possibly describe over half the human race, you say? Well, we as humans have become adapted to settling. We settle for everything. We settle for the marked down loaf of bread, the discounted sweater, and believe it or not, we even settle when it comes to love.

I see it every day, boy and girl alike. We pass through life believing we need a significant other, to make us happy. When we don’t have one? We find ourselves depressed, upset, and feeling left out. So, someone comes around. They tell us the right words, everything we want to hear. Whether we feel the emotions we should towards them, we settle. We throw caution to the wind, and go for the one who says the things that seem to make all our insecurities fade. We settle for the guy/girl who will eventually use us, and leave us with our hearts in our hands.

We all have standards, whether you want to admit it or not. Every human has a right to standards, which more often or not, we over look. We over look the standards that we should, so we can fit in, be cool, and have someone who we believe “Makes us happy.”

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve experienced this too, but is lowering our standards really going to get us anywhere in life? Saying;

I love him

He loves me

I’m the happiest I’ll ever be

When you went for the guy that uses every girl? For the girl whose been with every guy? Now, you’re probably thinking, how in the world does this have anything to do with  Chbosky’s quote? Well, although you may lower your standards, and settle, you’re also doing exactly what Chbosky says. You’re accepting the kind of love that you think you DESERVE.

Sure you have insecurities, we all do, but you’re settling for the guy, because he makes those insecurities “fade away.” In more simple terms, you’re accepting him, and the love he gives you, because that’s what you think you deserve to have. Which is awesome. In a similar way, we settle for the guys (and girls) who use us or ask for more then we want to give. Which in short, is what we might believe we deserve.

If you don’t think highly of yourself, then you’re probably not going to think highly of what type of significant other you should be given either. Which, honestly, you’re awesome. You deserve all the world has to give. But, that my friends, is for another article.

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Everyone is different so why try to fit in?

Ave is posting again! 

If you have noticed, and I’m sure you have. Girls (and guys) these days tend to blend in with people around them. What I mean by “blend in”, is fit in. They are trying to like things that they do not like.

I go to a public school and I have noticed this occurrence quite often. Students do drugs because the people they hang out with do it. Girls show more skin and wear loads of makeup because the girls in their group do the same. I want to break this habit that we see so often. I mean, why should base my personality (likes, dislikes) off of what my friends do and like? The correct answer is: I should not. Neither should you.

A new girl at my school who shall be remain anonymous has bright pink hair. I mean BRIGHT PINK. The moment this girl walked into school she captured everyone’s attention. At lunch she sat alone. I didn’t want her to be alone on her first day of school sitting alone, so I sat by her. She is a very petite and lovely girl that requires no makeup whatsoever and she never wore any. She happened to be really nice and thanked me for sitting next to her. The next day, I looked for her but noticed she had found a group of girls to sit by so I resumed to sit at my usual lunch table with my friends. That particular group of friends was close-knit and required a lot of attention from everyone. She seemed to be having a hard time fitting in with them, but she continued sitting there even though they ignored her,

The day after, I immediately noticed her slumped posture, glittery face, fake eyelashes and change in wardrobe. I was really baffled that she would change so quick and drastically. I didn’t say anything for fear of insulting her, but a lot of people noticed. The girls she sat with at lunch finally acknowledged her existence. They acted as if she were part of their group and complimented her new look. She didn’t look happy though. She didn’t look like she wanted to sit there.

She is the perfect example of the pressure that certain people put on others to be like them. She walked around feeling happy and feeling like herself and just like that she was someone unrecognizable. If you are pretending to be someone you are not then you need to reevaluate your friends.

No two people are the same.

Haven’t you ever heard of that quote? I wholeheartedly agree with it. Nobody has the authority to make you act a certain way. Like the things you like, don’t change for anyone. If they would ignore you for being yourself then they do not deserve your presence. I’m different than my friends in the way that I like exploring and they don’t. They like shopping and I don’t. Don’t you see? If you ever are looking for a way to fit in, look for a way to stand out instead. Not for the attention, but because you can’t be compared to others.  So don’t let others put pressure on you to be like them.

You are incomparable.

You are beautiful.