Let’s define: I love you

Ave here, up late and ranting!

Starting a new relationship and everything is going perfectly, right?

Well, that’s probably true. You’re getting to know each other, learning their facial expressions, and their smile. But, at some point aren’t you going to get tired of that person? The way they laugh when you tell them how your day went, the way they judge you from afar for not doing what they want… eventually the once “mutual” relationship is doomed and you’re left with chocolate and a box of tissues. Don’t you see how fast they end?

This is the average speed of a high school relationship. Blame hormones, right? That could be only but a fragment of what is wrong with relationships these days. I’m not trying to be a Debbie Downer,nor have I stopped believing completely in relationships. Some may work, but most…

See, teenagers have been through a lot of stress with schoolwork,but this is no way could have the mind-altering affect of stupidity for them. Isn’t school meant to educate people? Even when you’re learning about the process of cell division, the fundamentals of geometric shapes,and the Great Depression this doesn’t mean that you social skills should fail.

You see a girl/guy, you like them, why in the right mind does that mean immediately approach them? WAIT. You’re young. You’re what, just out of middle school? You’re still pretty much a noob. Often people don’t see eye to eye with me. Understandable.

Guy sees girl, guy talks to girl, girl flirts (easy much?), guy compliments girl, girl is flattered, guy is content with himself. Oh, must I go on? I’ve always felt as if the guy just wanted to see if he could get the girl that easily, and girls… let’s be honest…we don’t put up much of a barrier. Maybe we should start? If it is that easy to “further” a relationship there really are no true feelings. Just selfishness. After a while this couple posts their relationship status on Facebook (sounds familiar?). Gets 21 likes and comments. Both feel happy. They kiss, go on “dates” *cough movie, mcdonalds, cheap cough*, maybe ruin their purity for all eternity then out comes the worst three words that could be said, “I love you”.

They don’t mean it, they never mean it. It’s a game to them. Love is a toy being passed around and played with. But they are oblivious. In fact, the world is this way. The word love has slowly become berated and misused with time, making people crumble. Some may say love is inevitable. It isn’t. It’s so easy to avoid.

I guess what I’m trying to say is you are not in love teenagers/adults. You’ve only ever thought you were, like you expected it. How gullible and oblivious to the meaning you are. It is not meant to be thrown around, filling people with happiness and then letting them fall hard. It’s not a relationship status meant to provoke jealousy, nor the words used in a relationship to express an empty feeling.

Love is nothing, everything. Love is waiting.

Love is when your Grandmother tells you how she met you Grandfather during the war.

How she waited 2 years and so did he.

Seeing him exit the train and kneel to the ground in front of her, kissing her hand and crying, “you mean everything to me, please stay with me”.

Do you think you could do that?


Do you think that your boyfriend in high school will bend down like that?

Do you think you could wait for him? If not then you can not know the meaning. You can not claim to have experienced love. Love is lost on this generation. Nobody seems to notice. It is not meant to be entertaining, rather straightforward and honest. That is love. That’s what love is. It’s nothing, it’s everything, it’s found only to be lost. It’s waiting.

Love is waiting, so let’s find it again.


Realism Not So Real?

It’s Cass here, logged on, and ready to roll.

Let’s talk about passion. We all have a passion for something, whether you know it or not. Maybe you haven’t found yours yet, and that’s fine. Maybe you’ve known it since you were 10, and that’s great. Or maybe, just maybe, you don’t even know how to find your passion. That’s were I come in.

Look, i’ve been where you are plenty of times. We are stuck in a world full of passionless people, going day by day trying to be “realistic.” Since we were young, we’ve all had some sort of dream. Whether you wanted to be a singer, a dancer, or even a bagger at the grocery store. That was your dream, and you believed it would come true.

As time went on, as it does, people told you to become realistic. Yet deep down, you still had that dream. Bubbling down in the core of who you truly are, you still had that tinge of hope. Hope that you could live to the expectation you set for yourself. And there we have it, there’s that passion. Yet, the passion isn’t there at all.

For, even though, you still love that dream. Day by day you force that dream back down inside of you, and live the all American “Realistic” dream. You go to a school, but you don’t really learn. You pass tests, but you barely get by. You go to work, just to try and survive. You say you still don’t know, what you want to be, but deep down inside, its eating you. It’s consuming you, the thought that you won’t be what you always dreamed of being.

Yet, why can’t you? Why can’t you be that singer or dancer? Why can’t you go to the job you actually enjoy, or go to a school that actually teaches you? We are being eaten by a society of realism, that’s not real at all. We are being taught that doctors and lawyers are the only important people in our society, and that our dreams, our passions, aren’t worthy of this world.

Our uniqueness, is shoved farther and farther away. Our world is becoming a paper thin sheet of sameness.

Our passions, will finally escape, when we learn to break free of the worlds clutches and be ourselves. Our passions, will consume ourselves, when we can finally shatter the idea of an All American “realistic” dream.

We will finally be who we are meant to be, when we can stop pressing the copy and paste button, on our lives. Accepting who we really are, and demanding to live the dreams that are built and bubbling inside of us.

Because, when we let those dreams free? Its only matter of time, before the world starts to see, all that we were meant to be. The world will be a much prettier place, with all our passions set free, into a world full of the right beliefs.

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