Stacks to Piles to Mountains to Libraries.

Ave speaking! 

Perusing the mountains of books that have been added to my room over time, I’ve noticed a theme. A unique pattern among hundreds of books.

The main characters!

How have I not noticed this amazing yet somehow freakish coincidence? I must be oblivious to what words I am putting into my head as I read these but never truly compare it to other books.

Strong, so strong. The main characters are brave, strong, hopeful, and curious, all of the things we aspire to be. This had me thinking for quite a while. I have lived and dreamed of being in someone else’s shoes repeatedly. These lives mean so much to me. I have lived in Manhattan as a 18 year old boy, I have lived as an alien in hiding, I have lived as a Jewish girl during the holocaust, I have lived as a girl with cancer. I have experienced death, life, rejection, failure, happiness, love, and so much more.

These books have taught life lessons that I will carry with me for life. These strong courageous characters are molding me into something greater, something braver than what I once was. Without these stories of fiction and non-fiction I wouldn’t be who I am today. I would be weak, scared and have no hope for the future. The books make me think of the world in a greater point of view. Something of wonders and mystery that is held within its core, awaiting discovery.

Bright curious eyes search the world in order to find the mystery but we find books which (in secret) is the mystery. Books contain so much information, so many feelings of other people fluttering about waiting for a host to read and understand. These worlds that the books contain are built on imagery and perfection. The author’s desire is to make someone imagine scenarios in their head of how it is supposed to be. People helping people, not people running from their responsibility.

If everyone would take the time, sit down, and read a book. Maybe just maybe the world would be a better place. Maybe we would have great imaginations growing up and inventing new things, maybe we would have heroes among the ordinary people, maybe we would have greater life stories. Maybe we could live life with no regret. Because we did dream.

We are those strong characters. Together we can be the greatest story. 


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