Welcome to a new year, 2015

Ave here! Happy New Year!

11:58 PM – Everyone in my family is rushing to the living room, watching the television impatiently as Ryan Seacrest finishes stating the highlights of the year.

11:59 PM – The cameras zoom in to Times Square as everyone is counting down to the ball dropping. People are anxiously staring towards the ball counting their New Year resolutions, hoping for a better year.


12:00 AM – Times Square is the loudest place in America. People throw confetti in the air, kiss the love of their life, embrace family, throw their hands up in the air and say goodbye to the past.

This marks a new year. New things are coming out in 2015, things we could only imagine. New people will enter our lives, and some may even leave them. You might meet the person of your dreams. Hope is filling the air as people celebrate. 2015 might be the time for all of this. Nobody knows. This might be your year.

You are holding so much weight on your shoulders as you say goodbye to 2014. Maybe it’s time to let go of that weight, whatever it may be. This is time for a fresh start. Don’t miss the chance. Love your family more than ever, surprise your significant other, let go of old grudges, make new friends. Let it go. Don’t make this another year of regrets. Make this a year to remember and adore. Remember every year you get older, you grow, you learn from your past mistakes. Tale all of those things you’ve learned and use them this year. Try new things, go travel the world. Go do something with yourself that will benefit others.

This is your year, but don’t forget about others. Focus on improving yourself, spread kindness not gossip. Help someone who needs it. Don’t be bothered by people so easily.

Please, take this year as time to improve and explore. You need this break.

Let go of the past and move forward.


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